Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Definitions

(a) "Act" means the Housing Utility Infrastructure Authorization Act.

(b) "Application" means a mandatory, written application completed by a member of the Pueblo to request or initiate a Utility Infrastructure Project.

(c) "DNR" means the Department of Natural Resources of the Pueblo or a designee.

(d) "IHS" means the U.S. Indian Health Service.

(e) "Project" means any and all home or homesite Utility Infrastructure Projects located on the Pueblo that is funded in whole or in part by or through a member of the Pueblo, a resident of the Pueblo, a private party, the Pueblo, and/or IHS or other governmental agency, as requested in a written Application and subject to the approval of the Governor.

(f) "Pueblo" means the Pueblo de San Ildefonso. "Pueblo" also means the lands over which the Pueblo has jurisdiction.

(g) "Utility Infrastructure Project" means any and all projects to develop, repair, or improve water, wastewater, electric, gas, or internet services to a home or homesite.