Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Pueblo Corporation

(a) Pueblo agreements. For the purpose of aiding and cooperating in the planning, construction, or operation of any Housing, the Pueblo agrees that:

(1) It shall not levy or impose any real or personal property taxes upon the Authority or any Housing assisted with federal funds.

(2) It shall provide tribal governmental services, including police and fire protection, roads, water, and sewage, to the Authority and Housing on the same basis that it provides those services to other residents of Pueblo Lands.

(3) Insofar as it may lawfully do so, it shall grant deviations from any present or future tribal building code that are reasonable and necessary to promote economy and efficiency in the development and operation of Housing and at the same time safeguard health and safety of the Pueblo and its members.

(4) It shall do any and all things, within its lawful powers, necessary or convenient to aid and cooperate in the planning, undertaking, constructing, or operating of any Housing.

(b) Pueblo Courts.

(1) The Authority shall utilize the Courts to enforce the provisions of any contract between the Authority and any Tenant or Homebuyer.

(2) The Courts shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any action for eviction of a Tenant or Homebuyer, or for breach of contract, or any foreclosure action against a borrower, or for any other matters arising out of this Act.

(c) Effectiveness of provisions. The provisions of section 1.11(a) shall remain in effect with respect to any Housing for the following period, whichever is the longest:

(1) the Housing is owned by a public body or government agency;

(2) any contract between the Authority and any third party, for loans, guarantees, grants, or any financial contributions in connection with the Housing, remains in force and effect; and

(3) any Obligation issued in connection with any Housing or any moneys due to a third party in connection with the Housing, remain unpaid. If, at any time, title to, or possession of, any Housing held by any public body or governmental agency, including HUD, transfers to a body or entity authorized by law to engage in the development or operation of Housing, the provisions of this section shall inure to the benefit of and be enforced by that body or governmental agency.