Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Findings

The Council hereby finds and declares that:

(a) San Ildefonso Services, LLC ("SIS, LLC") was established and chartered by the Pueblo under tribal law as a single member limited liability company wholly owned by the Pueblo; and

(b) In accordance with the Fifth Amended Articles of Organization of SIS, LLC ("Articles of Organization"), the duly-appointed members of the five (5) person Member's Representative group (the "Member's Representatives") together exercise all rights of the Pueblo in its role as the single member of SIS, LLC"); and

(c) SIS LLC is a Manager-Managed limited liability company, and Peter Fant currently serves as the appointed Manager and the Manager possesses the exclusive authority to manage the business affairs of SIS LLC; and

(d) Pursuant to Article VII of the Articles of Organization, the business purpose of SIS LLC is to engage in federal contracting and other lawful business ventures that serve the best interest of SIS LLC, the Pueblo and its members; and

(e) In furtherance of SIS LLC's business purpose, SIS LLC intends to acquire Vigil Enterprises, Inc., ("VEI"), a California Corporation, from Miller Engineers Inc., d/b/a Souder Miller & Associates; and

(f) The Member's Representatives of SIS LLC determined it was in the best interest of SIS LLC to begin negotiations for the acquisition of VEI and to explore funding options for the purposes of further developing SIS LLC's federal contracting capabilities; and

(g) SIS LLC seeks partial funding for the acquisition of VEI from the Pueblo which terms are detailed in the Loan Agreement; and

(h) The Council has reviewed the general terms of the proposed Loan Agreement and believes it is in the best interest of the Pueblo to authorize the Governor to negotiate and enter into a final Loan Agreement with SIS LLC for the purpose of acquiring VEI; and

(i) The Loan Agreement is not intended to be a capital contribution by the Member's Representatives.