Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Findings

(a) The population of the Pueblo is increasing putting pressure on existing land uses including the need for additional land for housing, economic development, and other purposes; and

(b) The Pueblo has some land parcels available that could be utilized for new housing and other purposes; however, these land parcels often lack adequate infrastructure; and

(c) The Pueblo has issued land assignments to members of the Pueblo initially for farming purposes although some members and their descendants have utilized or desire to utilize their land assignments for non-farming purposes; and

(d) Many years ago, the Pueblo completed a Land Use Plan that began to analyze the current and proposed future uses of the Pueblo's lands; however, the Plan was incomplete, flawed, and is now outdated; and

(e) The Pueblo finds the need to identify lands that are available for economic development, housing, and other purposes while taking into account the impacts any development will likely have on neighboring lands, existing land uses, the natural environment, culturally- sensitive areas, aesthetics, infrastructure, utilities, and the overall policies established by the Pueblo; and

(f) The Pueblo has identified the need to commission a new, comprehensive, Master Land Use Plan to professionally study and analyze the Pueblo's lands, including existing and proposed uses, in order to make well-informed decisions regarding the current and future land uses and zoning.