Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Authorizations

The Tribal Council hereby,

(a) directs that appropriate departments or programs shall review their budgets, as well as all federal and state funds needed to be reviewed to collaborate and ensure that emergency response plans are collaborative and cohesive to include all departments and agencies; and,

(b) directs the Governor and Tribal Administration to utilize and exhaust all outside sources of funding before utilizing Tribal Funds (General Fund); and,

(c) directs the Governor and Tribal Administration to research and utilize all available funding avenues for this Emergency Response development; and,

(d) directs the Governor and Tribal Administration to ensure that Safety is the priority and appropriate steps are taken to develop a budget and provide a draft plan by April 28, 2023 and provide bi-annual updates to the Tribal Council thereafter; and,

(e) directs that Tribal Council approval be required for the implementation of an Emergency Response Plan here in the Pueblo de San Ildefonso and that this plan shall be reviewed yearly and as needed to ensure safety updates are made on all structures and vehicles; and,

(f) approves and adopts this resolution in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement, according to published Council procedures, and authorizes and directs the Governor or his designee to take such actions as deemed necessary to carry out the intent of this resolution.