Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Authorization to Act on SFIS Governance and Trust Land Issues

(a) The Council hereby enacts the following as the law of the Pueblo:

(1) Pueblo de San Ildefonso Tribal Council Resolution No. SI-R10-041, adopted on December 7, 2010, and Pueblo de San Ildefonso Council Resolution No. SI-R15-015, adopted on June 22, 2015, are hereby rescinded so that neither resolution has any force or effect; provided that the Council authorizes the SFIS, Inc. Board of Trustees to exercise such governance authority as necessary and appropriate over the SFIS Trust Lands in the interim period until the AISD Governing Council properly assumes governance jurisdiction over the SFIS Trust Lands.

(2) The AISD Governing Council is authorized to be responsible for all governance matters on the SFIS Trust Lands, with the AISD Oversight Commission providing oversight of the SFIS Trust Lands operations and AISD staff be responsible for administration of the governance functions on the SFIS Trust Lands.

(3) The Governor, when sitting as a member of the AISD Governing Council, is authorized to exercise governmental powers of the Pueblo on behalf of the Tribal Council, over all matters related to governance of the SFIS Trust Lands.

(4) The Governor's exercise of any power delegated by this Resolution shall not apply on any land subject to the jurisdiction of the Pueblo de San Ildefonso other than the SFIS Trust Land, and the AISD Trust Land over which the AISD Governing Council already exercises governance authority.

(5) The decision whether to exercise any of the powers delegated by this Resolution is left to the sound discretion of the Governor.

(6) The AISD Governing Council shall make certain that all revenues derived from the Santa Fe Indian School Trust Lands shall be used for the benefit of the Santa Fe Indian School and Pueblo education.

(7) The AISD shall provide operational budgets, comprehensive quarterly reports and financial statements relating to the SFIS Trust Lands governance operations.

(8) The SFIS, Inc. Board of Trustees is authorized to continue to be responsible for all educational functions of the Santa Fe Indian School until such time as there is a change in the educational structure, if at all, to establish a separate school board to handle the educational mission of the Santa Fe Indian School.

(b) The Governor is hereby authorized to act on behalf of the Pueblo to take such actions as necessary to carry out the intent of this law regarding governance matters related to the SFIS Trust Lands.