Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Restrictions for Land Assignments, Homes, and Buildings

(a) OWNERSHIP RIGHTS LIMITED TO TRIBAL MEMBERS. Ownership of the Pueblo's lands is vested in the Pueblo de San Ildefonso and held in common for the benefit of its tribal members.

Any assignment of the Pueblo's lands including individual land assignments and rights or property interests to homes or structures on land assignments are restricted to San Ildefonso Pueblo tribal members.

(b) TRANSFER OF LAND ASSIGNMENT, INTERESTS IN LAND ASSIGNMENTS, HOMES OR BUILDINGS TO NON-MEMBERS PROHIBITED. No ownership or property interest in a land assignment, home or buildings or any other real property interest within the Pueblo's lands held by a Pueblo member shall be sold, deeded or transferred to a non-member of the Pueblo.

(c) APPROVAL REQUIRED FOR USE OF PROPERTY BY NON-MEMBERS. Members of the Pueblo of San Ildefonso shall obtain prior written approval from the Governor before renting, leasing or lending any buildings, houses, land assignments, or any interest in a land assignment, under their ownership or control and within the jurisdiction of the Pueblo to a non-member of the Pueblo.

(d) APPROVAL REQUIRED FOR RESIDENCE BY NON-MEMBER SPOUSES OR OTHERS. All non-members who plan to reside in the Pueblo or on Pueblo land with their member spouse or any other San Ildefonso tribal member must first report to the Governor before taking up residence, and must sign an agreement to respect and abide by all laws, customs, rules and regulations of the Pueblo including consenting to the jurisdiction of the Pueblo's Courts; provided, that non-member residents of the Pueblo who have continuously resided for at least five (5) years with a member of the Pueblo immediately prior to December 21, 2011, shall not be required to sign an agreement as a condition to continued residency so long as they are in compliance with the laws, customs, rules, and regulations of the Pueblo. A widowed non-member spouse of a member of the Pueblo who wishes to remain a resident of the Pueblo must request permission from the Governor to continue their residency. The Governor shall be authorized to issue regulations to govern the actions and conduct of non-members who reside on the Pueblo including the terms of written agreements setting conditions for non-members to maintain residency, which may include a code of conduct that conforms to the laws, customs, and traditions of the Pueblo.