Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Authorizations

(a) The Council hereby authorizes a right-of-way to be granted to the New Mexico Gas Company to install natural gas lines to the Odo Po Properties subject to the following terms:

(1) The right-of-way shall be 20 feet wide for approximately 1350 feet of gas line consisting of approximately 1.61 acre of land. The final location and acreage shall be determined by the survey which shall be completed and incorporated as part of the final right-of-way grant.

(2) The term of the right-of-way shall be for twenty-five (25) years, renewable for a second term of twenty-five (25) years, provided that the right-of-way is used for the specified purpose of providing natural gas to the Odo Po Properties.

(3) There shall be no annual right-of-way compensation required from the New Mexico Gas Company (the "Grantee") since the natural gas line has been requested by the Pueblo and will serve properties owned by the Pueblo.

(4) The right-of-way may be cancelled by the Pueblo and the Grantee, under any negotiated remedies identified in 25 CFR §169.403 and/or in whole or in part by the Pueblo under 25 CFR §169.404, or for cause upon thirty (30) days written notice, and failure of the Grantee to correct the basis for cancellation within the notice period as stated in 25 CFR §169.405.

(5) The Pueblo reserves its jurisdiction over the land subject to the right-of-way, and any person or activity within the right-of-way.

(b) The Council hereby authorizes the Governor, and his designee(s) to execute all actions and all documents necessary to initiate the intent of this Act.