Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Authorizations - Approval of Roads Settlement Agreement

(1) The Council hereby approves the Settlement Agreement in substantially the same form as attached hereto.

(2) The Council hereby grants a limited waiver of the Pueblo's sovereign immunity for suits limited only to interpretation or enforcement of the Settlement Agreement by a court of competent jurisdiction.

(3) The Council hereby authorizes the Governor to sign the Settlement Agreement.

(4) The Council hereby authorizes the Governor to make such non-substantive or editorial changes to the Settlement Agreement as may be necessary, provided that the Governor shall provide the Council with a copy of the final executed Settlement Agreement.

(5) The Pueblo de San Ildefonso Council hereby approves and adopts this resolution in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement, according to Council procedures, and authorizes and directs the Governor, or his designee, to take such actions as deemed necessary to carry out the intent of this resolution.