Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code.

The Council hereby approves the "New Funding Council Adjustment" "NF-2" and adjusts the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 which consists of the following budgets and amounts:

(a) SRF: I.H.S – Septic System $25,000.00
(b) SRF: BIA – Transportation: Shu Maa Po Road $158,994.94
(c) SRF: NM State Library Program $5,333.33
(d) SRF: NM State Library Program $7,526.55
(e) SRF: University of NM: Suicide Prevention $20,000.00
(f) GF: Healthy Kids $1,820.00
(g) GF: Youth Program: Winter Summit $12,762.00
Total Council Adjustment $231,436.82