Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Findings

(a) Prior to the adoption of the Governing Agreement in December 2011, the Tribal Council approved a Personnel Policy Manual governing the employment rights and practices for employees of the Pueblo;

(b) In March 2012, after the adoption of the Governing Agreement, the Council reaffirmed its approval of the Personnel Policy Manual for the Pueblo by enacting Resolution No. SI-R12-015;

(c) In July 2016, the Governor unilaterally amended the Personnel Policy Manual by issuing a memo announcing that the Personnel Policy Manual "…has been amended…" by altering Section 411 to decrease the number of days employees may take administrative leave, and by altering the process for obtaining administrative leave;

(d) On February 3, 2017, the Governor issued an "Executive Order" declaring the Personnel Policy Manual enacted by the Council "null and void" and attempting to unilaterally adopt a new "Personnel Policy Manual 2017 Edition;"

(e) On February 27, 2017, the Governor issues a memo rescinding the "Executive Order" leaving the original Personnel Policy Manual in place.