Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. San Ildefonso Housing Authority

(a) Establishment. The Pueblo hereby establishes a public body to be known as the Housing Authority to carry out the purposes stated in section 1.5.b., below. The Authority is hereby designated to receive, on behalf of the Pueblo and on its own behalf, federal, state, or private financial assistance, including grants, for Housing.

(b) Purposes. The Authority shall be organized and operated for the following purposes:

(1) To act as a recipient and receive block grant funds authorized under PL 104-330 and administer such funds in accordance with provisions of the Act, as authorized by the Council;

(2) To remedy unsafe and unsanitary housing conditions that are injurious to the public health, safety and morals;

(3) To Alleviate the acute shortage of decent, safe and sanitary dwellings for persons of low income;

(4) To Provide employment opportunities through the construction, reconstruction, improvement, extension, alterations or repair and operation of low-income dwellings;

(5) To Improve the quality of life in all areas serviced by the jurisdiction of the Pueblo;

(6) To Engage in activities that are directly or indirectly related to housing, including, but not limited to mortgage origination and servicing, housing development and management, and development and management of other housing-related services;

(7) To Participate in entities formed to accomplish any of the above-described purposes including acting as a general partner of a limited partnership.

(c) Management of the Authority. The day-to-day affairs of the Authority shall be managed by an Executive Director subject to oversight by the Board, which shall serve as the governing body of the Authority.

(d) Agency. The Authority shall be an agency and instrumentality of the Pueblo and enjoy the same status and immunities of the Pueblo.