Pueblo de San Ildefonso Law Library
Pueblo de San Ildefonso Code. Powers

(a) Perpetual duration. The period of the Authority's duration shall be perpetual or until this Act is repealed.

(b) Powers. The Authority shall have the following powers:

(1) The Authority is hereby designated to receive, on behalf of the Pueblo and on its own behalf, federal, state, or private financial assistance, including grants, for Housing.

(2) Subject to the provisions of section 1.12, to sue and be sued in its name upon any contract, claim, or Obligation arising out of its activities under this Act.

(3) To adopt and use a seal.

(4) To enter into agreements, contracts, or other understandings with any person, organization, partnership, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity.

(5) To agree to any terms and conditions attached to the receipt of federal financial assistance for Housing.

(6) To lease real property from the Pueblo and others for periods as are authorized by federal or tribal law, and to hold and manage or to sublease the same.

(7) To borrow or lend money, to issue temporary or long-term evidence of indebtedness and to repay the same. The Obligation shall be issued and repaid in accordance with the provisions of section 1.8.

(8) To pledge the assets and receipts of the Authority as security for any Obligations; and to acquire, sell, lease, exchange, transfer, or assign personal property or interests therein.

(9) To purchase real property or any interests in real property or take the same by gift and to lease real property or any interests in real property to the extent provided by law.

(10) To undertake and carry out studies and analysis of Housing needs, to prepare Housing plans, to execute the same, to operate Housing projects or programs, and to provide for the construction, reconstruction, improvements, extension, alteration or repair of any Housing.

(11) With respect to any dwellings, accommodations, lands, buildings or facilities embraced within any Housing project (including individual cooperative or condominium units), to lease or rent, sell, enter into lease- purchase agreements or leases providing options to purchase; to establish and revise rents or monthly payments; to make rules and regulations as the Board may deem necessary and desirable to effectuate any power granted by this Act.

(12) To finance the purchase of Housing by a qualified Tribal Member.

(13) To terminate any agreement when any tenant or Homebuyer has violated the terms of the agreement or has failed to meet any of its obligation thereunder, or when termination is otherwise authorized under the provisions of such agreement; and to bring legal action against the tenant or Homebuyer, including an action for eviction.

(14) To establish eligibility requirements and policies to ensure that Housing will be made available in accordance with funding requirements and this Act.

(15) To purchase insurance from any insurance company to insure any real or personal property or against any risk or hazards.

(16) To invest any funds that are not required for immediate disbursement.

(17) To establish and maintain bank accounts in the name of the Authority as may be necessary and convenient.

(18) To employ and terminate an executive director (subject to approval of the Council), and employ and terminate housing managers, and other officers and employees, permanent or temporary, as the Authority may require and to delegate to the executive director, housing managers, and other officers and employees any powers or duties as the Board shall deem proper.

(19) To take any further actions that are commonly engaged in by public bodies of this character as the Board may deem necessary and desirable to effectuate the purposes of the Authority.

(20) To join or cooperate with any other public housing agency operating under the laws of the state or another Indian tribe in the exercise, either jointly or otherwise, of any or all of the powers of the Authority and other public housing agency for the purpose of financing (including but not limited to the issuance of an Obligation and giving security therefore), planning, undertaking, owning, constructing, operating, or contracting with respect to Housing of the Authority or other public housing agency. For such purpose, the Authority may by resolution prescribe and authorize any other public housing agency to join or cooperate with the Authority to act on the Authority's behalf with respect to any or all powers, as the Authority's agent or otherwise, in the name of the Authority or the other public housing agency.

(21) To adopt bylaws consistent with this Act.

(c) Financial Assistance. The Authority shall do any and all things necessary or desirable to secure federal, state, and private financial aid or cooperation in the undertaking, construction, maintenance, or operation of Housing.